44 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Roofing Contractor

Here’s more information on how to hire a roofing contractor, in the form of a very practical list of questions.

Once you’ve identified what type of roof you want, using the Roofing Needs Profiler, or another method, it’s time for due diligence. In addition to the products supplied, the quality of the estimate, installation, clean-up, warranty, and follow-up add up to a quality project that will be protecting your home. All of these additions come from the roofing contractor.

Unfortunately, there’s a “buyer beware” situation when it comes to roofing your home, in most states. I always suggest that you interview and engage a professional roofing contractor, with a good record of customer satisfaction. So, how do you determine the level of professionalism of a roofing contractor?  Ask the right questions.

Ask The Right Questions

I have developed a list of 44 questions to ask your prospective roofing contractor. These questions come from years of experience as a metal roofing manufacturer and ensuring that qualified, roofing contractors install the products we manufacture. After all, any roof is only as good as it’s installation.  Of course, not all will apply to your situation, but I hope you’ll find this tool useful in preparing to make a right roofing decision. The complete list includes:

  • 13 General Questions for your Roofing Contractor
  • 20 Questions to Ask that are Specific to Your Roofing Project
  • 11 Sample Final Questions Before You Sign a Contract

You can download all 44 Questions to help in assessing your roofing needs, as well as help with how to ask those questions, and when, here:

Download 44 Questions For Your Roofing Contractor

It’s Always Better to Ask Questions Now

When talking to a prospective roofing contract, never feel like you’re asking too many questions. A professional contractor will welcome your questions and if they don’t have an immediate answer, will promptly find it and continue the conversation.

Of course, if you have a question for me, just ask!