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Metal Roofing and Skylights

Any type of roofing and skylights have special installation considerations to ensure water-tightness. Many homeowners ask me if they can have a skylight with their metal roof. The answer, of course, is “Yes!” but there are a few things that must be kept in mind.

  1. Folks will worry about the noise from rain hitting a metal roof. Generally speaking, this is not a problem but rain hitting a skylight can be deafening.
  2. Skylights with chases through your attic can create air leaks from the living space into the attic. This can lead to condensation and mold in the attic and also can cause ice dams on the roof.
  3. A skylight in a metal roof must be curb-mounted in order to be properly flashed. It cannot be flush-mounted.
  4. Flashing a skylight may involve sealant as one line of defense against water infiltration but, above all, there must be good flashing. Metal roofing manufacturers can explain how to flash their products against skylights and other protrusions.

And #5: Critical Advice for Roofing and Skylights

Perhaps most importantly — if you are re-roofing your home and you have existing skylights, I urge you to replace any skylights that are over 10 years old. They have served you well and have a limited life. Even the best skylights have no more than 20-year warranties. It makes no sense to install your permanent metal roof with a skylight that will need to be replaced in a few years. Replacing a skylight in a metal roof will be difficult and may require the significant deconstruction of the roof system if it’s not planned for with the installation.

Another Roofing Challenge: Solar

For additional information on metal roofing and solar energy, you can visit our page on Green American Home.

More questions about metal roofing and skylights or other installations?

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