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What Sort Of Roof Is Best For You? Free Online Roofing Needs Profiler!

Written by Todd Miller on September 23, 2016 | Filed under: Articles

I often get asked by homeowners about roofing needs. Most often I hear “What sort of roofing material would be best for me and my home?” When I get asked this question, I end up asking them a lot of questions about their home, its construction, the weather in their area, and their goals and wishes. I recently got to wondering if there was a way to create an online resource that would lead homeowners through a series of questions and then let them know what sort of roof might be best for them.

Well, through the magic of modern technology, that resource is now available. It is a free online Roofing Needs Profiler! Through a series of about 30 easy, quick questions, the roofing needs of you and your home will be analyzed. At the end, you receive a free report that lists whether an Entry Level, Mid-Level, or Investment Grade roofing might be best for you. It then gives examples of each type of roof, and provides a personalized narrative explaining why that sort of roof will best meet your needs.

Try it today! It’s easy! It’s fun! And it’s very informative and helpful!

Free online Roofing Needs Profiler.

4 responses to “What Sort Of Roof Is Best For You? Free Online Roofing Needs Profiler!”

  1. Todd Miller says:

    Thanks Susan. These are good questions. If you wish, please email me direct with photos of your home or perhaps an address so I can look at online images. My email is I would like to see your roof shape in order to give you better answers. I am concerned the sun room is a low pitch roof, which may necessitate something other than a metal slate. It is possible though to mix different metal roof types on the same home. The top finished today on metal roofs (PVDF coatings) are pretty resistant to stains though lighter colors may show some discoloration. However, in heavily wooded areas, you may develop mildew / mold on the roof over time. Again, a darker roof color will help hide it. Yes, if you use the same metal roofs on both parts, the older one will show age more than the newer one over time. I hope to hear from you so we can continue this discussion and I can provide further input. Some of the metal slates have optional foam backers that enhance walkability.

  2. Susan Galbraith says:

    Hi Todd,
    We have a shingle roof that was listed as lasting 35 years when we had it installed, 25 years ago. We added a sun room at the same time which has several skylights. Though we have sealed them several times, in time they again begin to leak. We live in a very wooded area and our roof has begun, just in the last few years, to grow lots of moss. 1. Is it a good idea to have a metal roof in a very wooded area? I was thinking of getting a metal slate like roof. We walk on the roof a few times in the fall and spring to remove leaves and twigs.
    2. Will the leaves that lay on the roof alter the color?
    3. Since the sun room has its own roof (not attached the the other roof) can it be replaced before the rest of the house? Will the metal look different in time? Sorry, lots of questions. Thank you.

  3. toddmiller says:

    Thank you for your questions. I am sorry to hear the damage you received from Matthew. As all of my experience is with metal roofing, I can’t claim to be an expert in the area of composition shingles. However, I would say that generally we see architectural shingles lasting 3 – 7 years longer than 3 tab shingle do. In your area, you may wish to consider an algae resistant (AR) shingle if it is available.

  4. David Hayes Sr says:

    I have a 16 year old 3 tab roof that just went thru hurricane Matthew.. I have been told I am missing a few shingles and a few bent shingles.This Florida summers are very hot as you know, are the arc shingles that much better to get than a 3tab?

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