Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

What Sort Of Roof Is Best For You? Free Online Roofing Needs Profiler!

I often get asked by homeowners about roofing needs. Most often I hear “What sort of roofing material would be best for me and my home?” When I get asked this question, I end up asking them a lot of questions about their home, its construction, the weather in their area, and their goals and wishes. I recently got to wondering if there was a way to create an online resource that would lead homeowners through a series of questions and then let them know what sort of roof might be best for them.

Well, through the magic of modern technology, that resource is now available. It is a free online Roofing Needs Profiler! Through a series of about 30 easy, quick questions, the roofing needs of you and your home will be analyzed. At the end, you receive a free report that lists whether an Entry Level, Mid-Level, or Investment Grade roofing might be best for you. It then gives examples of each type of roof, and provides a personalized narrative explaining why that sort of roof will best meet your needs.

Try it today! It’s easy! It’s fun! And it’s very informative and helpful!

Free online Roofing Needs Profiler.