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Install Over Old Shingles

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A Texas homeowner emailed me the following: hello, I found your email on a roofing question website. We’re looking to replace our asphalt shingle roof with a 26 gauge galvalume metal roof. In your opinion should we have the shingles removed or just have the metal place over the shingles? Also, if leaving the shingles […]

Structural Insulated Panels

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A homeowner asked me the following: Todd, we are building a home with 8″ structural insulated panels (SIPS) for the roof decking (9/12) and want to use a Fabral SSR roof on top. As an engineer, I know the value of ventilation, but when asked, the roof & SIP manufacturers point at each other and […]

Garage Ventilation

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Kelly wrote and asked: I had my garage roof replaced (attached to the house). They removed my 2 wind turbines and installed 1 ridge roof vent, I have 6 soffit vents on the eaves, But my garage is now extremly hot. They said I no longer needed the turbines with the ridge roof vent. How […]

Hip Caps and Closure on a Metal Roof

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Someone sent me the following question: I am installing a metal hip roof and am concerned about the possibility of leakage around the hip seams. The ridge cap covers the seams but leaves gaps underneath due to the ridged profile of the roofing. What can I do to seal these gaps? My answer: The good […]

New Metal Roof

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Question from Al in Texas: I’ve got a few questions for you regarding metal roof installs. We’ve currently got a composition shingle roof that is 8 years old. I has some hail damage, but no leak problem at all. There is a local job we looked at that uses U panel on a new construction, […]

Does Metal Roofing Require A Roof Deck?

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Q. We just built a 16’x16′ shed, that will be converted into a guest house in a year or two. Our contractor installed a metal roof, but he put it directly on 2×4’s attached to the rafters, as opposed to installing on a roof deck. The 2×4’s are 3 1/2 feet apart in some places. […]

Flared Gables

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Brent wrote and asked the following: I own a 60’s style chalet cabin and we just installed a metal roof. My problem is that we have a thunderbird shaped roof (top of roof extends out at angle) on each end of the house and we’re trying to find the proper trim. The first pieces of […]

Gutters and Metal Roofs

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I was asked the following: I would like to replace my existing shingled roof with metal.How are gutters attached to maintain the integrity of the metal? Thanx My Answer: You will want to use gutters that mount to the fascia board using brackets, rather than gutters that mount to the roof.

Too Much Ventilation?

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Someone wrote and asked me: I had my roof replaced 18 months ago and the roofing company found many of the boards to be rotted and moldy (even though the house had a complete reboard done only 9 years earlier). They informed me it was because I did not have enough ventilation. I had 5-6 […]

Leaking Skylight in Metal Roof

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I received the following question: I had a metal roof installed over existing shingles two years ago. I have continued to have a laeking problem on my carport 10-15 feet below an old sky light. I had it re-flashed but still have some leaking below. I suspect water above the skylight somehow permeates and gets […]

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