Metal Roofing Alternatives for Discontinued Products

Todd Miller

Searching for roofing alternatives to a Matterhorn or MetalWorks roof? I can help.

2 Manufacturers leave homeowners & contractors scrambling.
Despite an ever-growing market share for residential metal roofing, major players CertainTeed and Tamko in the roofing industry recently announced their metal shingle product lines’ discontinuation.

Virtually “out of the blue” from what I understand, the Matterhorn and MetalWorks lines of metal shingles, aimed primarily at the residential market, are unavailable.

This news has left contractors and property owners scrambling for other options amidst rising metal prices and raw material shortages.

I understand how frustrating that can be.

When asked why Certainteed and Tamko would make this change, I remind myself that large companies entering and exiting the metal shingle industry are not unusual.

I have seen it in the past with Kaiser Aluminum, Alcan, Reynolds AluminumAlcoa Building Products, and others.

Why did this happen? Sometimes bigger isn’t better.
In most cases, the chief reason for exiting the metal shake, shingle, and slate niche is the high level of service required for success.

Large manufacturers, typically more commodity-driven with products like asphalt shingles, struggle with the amount of time and attention needed for specialty products.

As a result, the products never gain traction internally or externally. Sales goals fall short, and the economies of scale that these companies get from their other product lines never materialize. These missed expectations lead to discontinuation.

solar panels on metal roof

Availability and Stability: Metal Roofing Alternatives

The modular metal panel market continues to be led by smaller, “boutique” producers.

Several well-established manufacturers provide the support, training, and customer service required by the contractors who sell and install these high-end specialty roofs. Of course, all of these activities benefit the homeowner who makes the purchasing decision for metal shingles.

The list of these market leaders includes Isaiah IndustriesClassic Metal Roofing SystemsEdcoKassel & IronsInterlock, and ATAS International.

Metal Shingles: A Growing Sustainable Choice

The interest in and growth of metal shingles seems unlimited, especially as integrated or add-on solar options beckon on the horizon and homeowners live in their homes longer.

For property owners with a long-term perspective, attractive metal shingle, shake, and slate options offer traditional beauty along with durability, energy efficiency, fire safety, and many green benefits.

Help Finding Alternative Metal Shingles

If you find yourself stuck trying to find a suitable replacement for Certainteed’s Matterhorn or Tamco’s MetalWorks products, please let me know using the form below.

I’d be happy to help.