Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Appearance of Color Difference

A Homeowner Asked:
I have a contractor who is install a snap-lock system roof on my project. He used his roll former to create a “double male” panel which he then installed at the top of the hips on the roof. He did this because he did not feel that he could run his panels up the hip and keep them straight. This has cause an appearance issue where the panel attachments change. The panels, although they are made from the same material, look like they are different colors.
The contractor told me that using the “double male” panel is a standard detail throughout the roll forming industry, and the issue will go away once the roof gets dirty.
Is this type of installation standard to the roll forming industry?

My Response:
I would not say it is “standard” but I would not say it is unusual.

Some paint systems are more prone to “directionality” than others. That is what you are seeing. Metallics are especially known for this.

Will it diminish over time? It may. It is hard to say. Dust on the roof may mask it, but not make it go away.