Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Attic Ventilation

Mike wrote and asked:
my home 34×60,single story,red brick,calonial front,slab floor,havc vents in celing,living and bed rooms have cathediral celings on oppsite ends of home. attic ventilation is an oppening on each end of the 60′ length through the shape of a birds beak, roof is 5/12 pitch. I am replacing the roofing shingles 30 year heritage, I have no soffit vents, and this area is probably covered with insulation, blown in celing, batt in walls, should I consider a full length ridge vent, attic fans at gable ends,some wind turbines on back side of home, attic is pretty hot in summer. thanks for any suggestions

My response:
The best thing would be to open up the soffits and put vents in them, add a ridge vent, and close off the gable end vents.

Shy of doing that, I would leave the gable vents and put a turbine or two near the middle of the roof.

A great source of info on venting is at