Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Attic Vents

Dan wrote and asked me the following:
I have a garage in my backyard that I use as a shop and it measures about 24′ x 18′. There is no type ventilation in the roof whatsoever and it gets boiling hot in there when it’s closed up.I’m not wanting to spend a lot of money and I’m not real handy,but I’m thinking that some Gable Vents and Soffit Vents might help cool it off.
I wouldn’t be able to put the Gable Vents directly in the middle of the peak of the Gable because there are support beams in the way,so I was thinking that I might put a vent on both sides of this beam as high up towards the peak as I can ,thereby giving me 2 in the front & 2 in the back for a total of 4 Gable vents and then putting in several vents in both soffits.
So,do gable vents HAVE to be in the middle or would I be OK with 2 just near the top & middle of the Gable as I described?

My response:
Gable vents would not have to be dead center.

If at some point you can add a ridge vent and also have as many eave soffit vents as possible, I would encourage you to do that and to then eliminate the gable vents.

You also may sometime wish to consider a light colored roof or a roof with reflective pigment.

A great source of info on venting is