Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Hip Caps and Closure on a Metal Roof

Someone sent me the following question:
I am installing a metal hip roof and am concerned about the possibility of leakage around the hip seams. The ridge cap covers the seams but leaves gaps underneath due to the ridged profile of the roofing. What can I do to seal these gaps?

My answer:
The good thing about hips, in contrast to valleys, is that water runs away from rather than toward them. This makes them easier to keep watertight.

However, big gaps can allow water to blow in and can allow wiond uplift of the caps.

I wish I knew what product you are installing … I could maybe give more detail that way.

Always refer to manufacturer instructions though.

One option is to put a lineal flashing up the hips before the roofing is installed — this flashing can channel any water that does enter down to the bottom of the roof, allowing it to exit there.

In some cases, too, the panels can be flattened as they approach the hip, providing a smoother area to attach the caps.

In other cases, the roof panels are brought to the hip and folded up a little to prevent water intrusion.

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