Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Hot Patio Room

Homeowner from Florida asked:
I have a typical florida cement block ranch house(one story) with a metal roofed screen porch attached to the rear of the house (all of about 7′ high, with slope).
The rear of the house faces west.
Presently, I can only use the porch a few months of the year (nov – feb). as soon as the warm weather returns. I’m faced with an OVEN back there! oftentimes, it’s cooler outside than in the screen porch.
help?? what can I do to reduce the heat factor in my porch? I already have several palms planted as shade around the porch, and the ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan. any suggestions?

My response:
A light colored or otherwise reflective roof would help. Additionally, if the roof could be built up higher and a vented airspace added that would be quite good.