Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Low Slope Roofing

Mark from Canada wrote:
I have been reading and it seems that there is some debate whether Metal Roofing can be installed on a very low slope roof such as my own at 2:12 pitch. I understand that there may be some manufactures that have a metal product that CAN be installed on such a roof. Is there a list of such manufactures and do you know where I may be able to access it? Thanks.

My response:
Very low slope roofs (usually those less than 2:12 pitch) require a mechanically seamed standing seam, also called double or triple lock.

These are run as simple pans and then once placed on the roof a seamer is run down the seams to crimp them closed.

A couple of options:

Most vertical seam panel manufacturers will offer this so you can contact the manufacturers listed on …

or use that same site to search for a contractor in your area who installs vertical seam panels; chances are they will offer a mechanical seam option.