Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Choosing A Metal Roof

I’ve noted over the years that there are two different reasons why people typically choose a metal roof.One is what I call the water cooler justification… that’s the Energy savings of the roof; that’s the durability of the roof; that’s the fire safety; that’s the low weight; that’s the seismic stability… all those types of benefits that just makes sense. So when they’re standing around the water cooler at work telling people why they invested in a metal roof ,all those things just makes sense.

The second thing that drives people to buy metal roof is the beauty of it. We have noticed over the years of my company (which manufactures metal roofing) when we receive our warranty cards, pretty much the number one reason that the consumer will say they chose the product was they love the way it looks. So they absolutely love the beauty of it.

So how do you choose?

So how do you choose a metal roof? Well, you certainly want a metal roof that is going to give you all those water-cooler benefits such as fire safety, and Energy Efficiency, and durability. But you really want to look at your options in terms of looks. A metal roof should complement the home. It shouldn’t overwhelm the home. However, it should complement and blend very nicely with the home style and design. It should fit very well within your neighborhood also.

Certainly if you ever think of reselling your home, or selling your home down the road, you want to make sure that that metal roof is an attribute that everyone enjoys and appreciates, and sees how it really does bring extra value to your home, and extra value even to your neighborhood.

A couple things when you’re choosing a metal roof…

  1. Look for the benefits as you want in terms of Energy Efficiency, and durability, and fire safety, and all those other great things (the water cooler benefits)
  2. Take a hard look at the beauty and the looks of that product. Make sure you use a product that fits your home style, fits your own preference in terms of what you want (in terms of looks), and look hard at the colors. Most contractors will be able to bring color samples out to you, to hold up against your brick and siding and other trim on your house, and make sure that the color blends as well.