Todd Miller – Roofing Expert

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

When you are choosing a new roof for your home, certainly choosing the right product is very key. However choosing the right contractor is very key as well.

Even the best roof system improperly installed will be something you will wish you never would have done. So you want to take the right steps up front to choose a contractor that’s going to do a good job, and be able to install the product properly. So how do you do that?

Ask for verification of those things.

Check For Experience

Are they experienced with the roof system that you choose to have installed? Do they have crew workers that either have years and years of experience, or perhaps have gone through a training program offered by the manufacturer of the roofing product?

Now the other thing you want to think about and talk to them about is… is it just a matter that they as the owner of the company have the experience and the training, or do their crew workers have the experience and training as well?

Don’t Be Afraid.

Don’t be too shy to ask your contractor who’s physically going to be up on the roof. How much experience do they have? How much training do they have? Feel free to ask because again, the roof has to be properly installed. And, you’re going to be living with these guys while they’re installing the roof, so you’ll want to know who’s going to be up there on your roof.

Furthermore, ask for jobs that they’ve done. Ask for the addresses of jobs that you can go see, where they have installed the product that you’re going to have to put on your home. Ask for addresses of jobs were they’ve installed in the past.

Don’t be afraid to get a little personal. Go up and knock on the door, talk to the homeowner, and ask them if they’ve been happy with the roof. Ask them what their experience was with the contractor?

Do Your Research

Buying a new roof for your home is a major decision. Choosing the right product is a major decision. However, choosing the right contractor is perhaps the most important decision you can make, so don’t take it lightly. Make sure they have the experience, the licensing, the insurance to be up on your roof, go out and look at past jobs they’ve done, and talk to past customers.