Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

Is My House Appropriate For A Metal Roof

Over the years I’ve talked a lot of homeowners who were thinking about a new roof, and one of their common questions is “you know I’ve heard about metal roofing, I’ve heard how good it is, but I don’t know… is my house really appropriate for metal roofing.” The good thing is once they start investigating what’s available out there in terms of metal roofing, and all the different profiles, and styles and colors and designs, they realize that “wow, this really could look very nice on my home as well.”

Things To Be Aware Of…

However are there certain things that you need to be aware of if you have them on your roof that maybe need special consideration. Yes there are a couple things. One thing is low pitch. If you have any low pitch rough areas on your home that may necessitate that you have to use a particular type of metal roofing is appropriate for low pitches. Oftentimes that’s going to be what we call mechanically seamed standing seam. These are standing seam vertical seam panels that are put up on the roof and actually crimp together after they’ve been installed on the roof. That crimping together allows them to be watertight even at very low pitches.

If you got any roof areas on your house that are geometrically not right angles. If you have anything where the roof is curved, perhaps in an oval shape…if you’ve got something like a turret…if you got an eyebrow window over a dormer… any of those types of things that are not geometric right angles can also present areas of extra consideration for a metal roof. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a metal roof but it may limit the type and style and design of metal roof you need to choose.

I Can Be Of Help…

One thing I would encourage you to do is come back to if you’ve got any of those areas on your roof that you’re concerned about, email me a picture of them and I’ll tell you what you could do to put metal on that area of your roof.

So, pretty much any home can be appropriate for a metal roof. But, if you’ve got things like low-pitched areas, or rounded or curved areas, let’s talk about those areas and I’ll help you find out what type of metal roof is best for you and for those particular areas.