Todd Miller – Roofing Expert

Styles of Metal Roofing

Today I’d like to talk about the different styles of metal roofing that are available. One of the things that has impressed me over the years is that even though a homeowner may say “I bought my metal roof for its durability, for its energy efficiency, for its fire safety, all these other benefits,” at the end of the day once that roof was installed, they usually stand back and say “you know I just like the way it looks.” Oftentimes looks played a major factor in their roofing choice.

Two Broad Styles Exist

As they start investigating metal roofing, homeowners quickly find there are a lot of different products/styles available out there. Two very broad styles exist…

  1. Vertical Seam Panels – These are panels that as you stand and look at the roof, generally you see predominantly vertical lines
  2. Modular panels (or Press Form Panels) – These are panels that often may be shaped to look like Cedar shake, clay tile, slate, or standard shingles, but in addition to having some vertical lines to them, they have a very strong horizontal line component to them as well.

So you have two broad categories that homeowners can select from; vertical panels (which may be referred to as standing seam, through-fastened panels, or corrugated metal roofing), something that when you look at it primarily has vertical lines; or they can opt for a product that may (in the opinion of many homeowners) have more of a residential look to it by having that strong horizontal component as well. Again, being shaped to look like Cedar Shake, Slate, Tile, or standard shingles. Those are two very generic differences that homeowners can choose from when choosing the style of metal roof that they want.

Other Considerations

Now beyond that they get into other considerations, such as how the panels connect each other, how the panels fasten; whether they have exposed Fasteners or Concealed Fasteners, and as you get to looking at those things, check out the other podcasts that we have that address those issues as well