Todd Miller – Roofing Expert

#1 – The Beauty of Metal Roofing

We ask homeowners when they complete their warranty registrations why they chose their roof. After the roof is installed, their response is pretty overwhelming – they are completely awed and taken by the beauty of their roof and how it has transformed their home. In particular when a beautifully formed metal shingle roof is installed on a home that has perhaps had years of ordinary and tired looking asphalt shingles on the roof, the new roof is incredibly dramatic.

Neighbors take note quickly. I always tell people, if you don’t like folks stopping by and asking about your home, then don’t put a beautiful metal roof on it.

Fact is, though, most roofing materials have two lives. They have a functional life which may be 15 – 20 years but their aesthetic life is often much shorter. After five years or so, many roofing materials look streaked and stained and just tired, detracting from a home’s beauty and value. Metal roofs, especially those with today’s top quality PVDF fade and chalk resistant coatings, keep their fresh looks for a much longer period of time. This increases home value as well as the pride you can take in your home.