Todd Miller – Roofing Expert

#37 – Fasteners and Metal Roofing

When investigating a metal roof for your home, you’re likely to hear about exposed fasteners and concealed fasteners. The terms are self-explanatory, but which is better?

Some metal roofs are designed so that all of the screw heads are exposed. They are visible and exposed to the weather. Other products are designed with concealed fastening system that never see the light of day nor weather. Exposed fastened panels typically have a neoprene washer to help keep the weather out but, even when covered by a metal cap, those neoprene washers break down over time. Exposed fastened products also often do not allow the metal panels to expand and contract with temperature changes. There are some exceptions to that with certain panel designs though. But, in any event, we generally suggest concealed fastened products whenever possible. There is just far less risk of water penetration into the roof system when the fasteners are concealed.