Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

#17 – Flared Gables

Every once in awhile, we run into buildings that have flared gables. You can recognize these situations because the ridge or peak of the roof is wider than the base of the roof. These are also often called flying gables. These gables must be handled very carefully with metal roofs. Any debris which ends up on the roof uphill form these angled gables will end up running into whatever trim piece is used on them. That could be tree leaves, pine needles, ice, and snow.

Many metal roof systems will use a J or F Channel sort of piece on these flared gables. That is an easy way to do things but those channels will fill up with roof debris, causing clogs that stop the water running down the roof from exiting the roof the way it should. When this happens, that water ends up places you do not want it – places where it will cause problems.

The solution to flared gables is a channel that allows the water and the debris to flow right off the roof rather than collect. At our company, we call these our Flared Gable Channels. If your home has flared gables, you do not want those areas to be handled any other way.