Todd Miller - Roofing Expert

#26 – Lightning and Metal Roofs

When considering a metal roof for your home, please keep in mind that while metal conducts electricity, it does not draw or attract it. Lightning hits the highest object around, regardless of whether it is metal or some other material. The Metal Construction Association, on its website,, has a great technical bulletin that explains how a metal roof does not pose any greater risk from lightning than any other roof. In fact, metal is used frequently in our country’s most lightning prone areas because those areas get the severe wind and rain storms which metal roofs perform so well during. Years ago, when the plumbing pipes going through a roof were cast iron, there was risk if that they could become electrically charged by lightning but today, by code, those pipes must be PVC. Of course, if your home is prone to lightning because of where it is located, it is possible to have a lightning protection system installed with your metal roof, just as it would be advised with any roof.