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#16 – Snow Guards

Written by Todd Miller on February 23, 2017 | Filed under: Metal Roofing 101 Series, Roofing Help Videos

We often get asked about the use of snow guards or snow fences on roofs. Fact is, if the sun comes out and there is a layer of snow on a metal roof, that snow will likely slide quickly at some point. Radiant heat from the sun passes through the snow load and strikes the metal roof which starts to warm up. At some point, it is like snow sliding off the hood of your car once the engine warms up. It can happen very suddenly.

Snow guards on a roof can slow down the sliding of the snow and cause it to come off in sections or chunks rather than one fell swoop. This can help keep from blocking doorways or damaging shrubbery or other items that are located around your home’s perimeter. However, one fact remains. The idea place for snow to be is not on your roof. While you can use enough snow guards to hold the snow on your roof until it melts, that is often not the best choice. If you’re buying a metal roof and you’re located in snow country, talk to your contractor and even your roofing manufacturer to discuss your best option for protection from snow slides.

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