Todd Miller – Roofing Expert

#20 – Solar Panel Installation on Metal Roofing

Metal roofs provide a great base for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels. Fact is, the solar panels may last longer than a shorter life roofing system will. You do not want to have to someday remove the solar panels so that you can install a new roof.

If you buy a metal roof and plan to install solar in the future, there are decisions you can make now which will make that process easier in the future. For example, a true standing seam roof in the areas where you plan to install solar will allow the solar panels to be installed by locking them onto the roof seams with no fasteners penetrating the roof. Other types of metal roofs, though, including the various metal shingles, can have solar panels installed on them as well.

If you install a metal shingle roof in the areas where you plan to install a solar array, you should inquire as to whether foam backers are available for installation beneath the metal shingles, providing greater rigidity for the solar installers. Our company does have instructions for installing solar panels on metal shingle roofs. Feel free to contact us for those.