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Low Pitch Roofing

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A Colorado Homeowner wrote and asked: We are reroofing our mountain cabin. There is a large portion of the roof that is virtually flat and has, historically, been the source of much leakage. It was covered a year ago by new asphalt. We are now planning to install a metal roof. Is metal a good […]

Will A Metal Roof Avoid Ice Dams?

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This time of year I often get asked whether a metal roof can help someone avoid wintertime ice dams and the resulting damage to their roofs and homes. Generally, the answer to that question is “yes” but there are several things to keep in mind. First, any time you re-roof your home, it is an […]

Going Over Old Roofs

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I recently received an email asking: “I hear differing opinions on installing metal over old shingles. Can the metal be too much weight on a home?” My Answer: Most metal roofs weigh from 40 pounds per square (aluminum) up to maybe 145 (for stone coated steel). A square is 100 square feet. Asphalt shingles on […]

Can A Metal Roof Contain A Fire?

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Someone sent me an email recently and asked the following: “…will a fire explode out of the sides of the house rather than through the roof when a metal roof is on a home?” My Response: Good question. Most asphalt and fiberglass shingles get a Class A fire rating. Metal while it is extremely fire […]

Appearance of Color Difference

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A Homeowner Asked: I have a contractor who is install a snap-lock system roof on my project. He used his roll former to create a “double male” panel which he then installed at the top of the hips on the roof. He did this because he did not feel that he could run his panels […]

Install Over Low Slope Roof

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Question: I have a 1950’s home that is in need of new roof. (estimated year left on old, very low pitch torch down roof) I am interested in placing a metal roof on the home and am curious if it possible to install over the existing torch down assuming there are no leaks and sheathing […]

Cedar Shake Replacement

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A homeowner wrote: I currently have a Cedar Shake shingle roof that is some twenty years old. Im considering having a metal shingle style roof installed. My concern is the under lay, and future repair to metal shingles. Is it appropriate to install the metal shingles over the cedar shingles ? Once a metal shingle […]

Install Metal Over Old Shingles

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Homeowner question: I was given a quote to install a metal roof over the existing shingles. The shingles are very curled on parts of the roof. Is this an issue? The installer stated the curls would break off when they are walking on it during the installation. My response: I suggest two things. 1) Always […]

Plywood Beneath Metal Roofing?

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A homeowner wrote and asked: We are getting estimates on replacing the tin roof on our house. One contractor has given us an estimate with a plywood sheathing base under the metal and another without. He said that adding the sheathing would enhance the wind resistance and leak resistance of the roof. (We live in […]

Install Over Old Shingles

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A Texas homeowner emailed me the following: hello, I found your email on a roofing question website. We’re looking to replace our asphalt shingle roof with a 26 gauge galvalume metal roof. In your opinion should we have the shingles removed or just have the metal place over the shingles? Also, if leaving the shingles […]

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