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Metal Roofing 101 Series

If you are considering purchasing a metal roof for your home, do not be caught by a scam or by a product or contractor that does not live up to your expectations. These short videos utilize my 35 years of industry experience to give you straight-forward information and answers. Here’s a sampling of what you can research and learn about in my Metal Roofing 101 Video Series:

  1. Maintenance and Cost Control
  2. Wind Resistance
  3. Close the Recycling Loop
  4. Metal Roofing Cost
  5. Roof Replacement After a Storm
  6. Solar Installation on a Metal Roof

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Buying a New Roof Series

Learn more about buying a new roof in this ten part series of videos from Roofing Expert Todd Miller.

Buying A New Roof Part 1 – Choosing Your Criteria

Buying a new roof is not something any of us enjoy doing. However, about 6% of all US homeowners do it each year. This video helps you set your criteria for a new roof so that you don’t end up back in the same situation in a few years. The roofing industry wants to sell you a new roof every few years — break the cycle!

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Buying A New Roof Part 2 – Assessing Your Current Roof

In Part 2 of Buying A New Roof, Todd Miller tells viewers the things they need to look for and understand about their current roof before they begin looking at products and talking to contractors.

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Buying A New Roof Part 3 – Special Circumstances

Todd discusses those unusual things that, if your roof has them, will impact your purchase of a new roof. Low pitch, offset eaves, protrusions, dead valleys, and flared or flying gables are discussed in this informative video.

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Buying A New Roof Part 4.1 – Ventilation

Re-roofing your home is the time to also consider your ventilation needs. As we make our homes more weathertight, they often need more ventilation. Todd shares insider knowledge on how to address the ventilation needs of your home.

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Buying A New Roof Part 4.2 – Ventilation

Todd provides more details on ventilation including special circumstances surrounding cathedral ceilings and cold roofs.

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Buying A New Roof Part 5 – Choosing A Roofing Product

The cost to re-roof your home doubles about every ten years. Choosing a roofing product that meets the needs of you and your home is critical. In this video, you’ll get inside information on the roofing industry and how you can select the right product.

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Buying A New Roof Part 6 – Types Of Metal Roofs

In this video, Todd discusses metal roofing options available to homeowners in terms of product design, metals, and coatings. Modular and vertical seam panels are discussed as well as steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Todd also explains the coatings used on metal roofs as well as the fastening methods. If you’re considering a metal roof, […]

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Buying A New Roof Part 7 – Finding A Roofing Contractor

Proper installation is key to a successful roofing project. In this video, Ask Todd Miller explains key steps for finding the right roofing contractor for your project. Part 8 will continue this topic with extra emphasis on the actual contract you will sign.

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Buying A New Roof Part 8 – Choosing A Contractor And Signing The Contract

Several important steps in your final selection of a contractor, as well as the things that should be in your contract, are discussed in this video

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Buying A New Roof Part 9 — Understanding Roof Warranties

Todd shares “inside information” on critical aspects of understanding the warranties you will receive with your new roof.

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Buying A New Roof Part 10 — Having Your Roof Installed

Even though the installation work for your new roof has started, you’re not done yet. In this video, Todd provides advice for how to make sure that the installation goes smoothly and leads to a successful roofing project.

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Before You Call a Roofing Contractor

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Unfortunately, most roofing contractors come in, measure, and simply give you a price. Learn more about what you want and what you need in a new roof, before you invite the contractor into your home. My Roofing Profile Selector is easy to use, and it will help you find the very best roofing solution for you and your home.

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