Buying A New Roof Part 3 - Special Circumstances

Buying A New Roof Part 3 – Special Circumstances

August 14, 2013 | Filed under: Buying A New Roof series, Roofing Help, Roofing Help Videos

Todd discusses those unusual things that, if your roof has them, will impact your purchase of a new roof. Low pitch, offset eaves, protrusions, dead valleys, and flared or flying gables are discussed in this informative video.

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  1. Robert Lesak says:

    Hi, I am on the Board of a Townhouse condominum developenment in Orland Park, IL. We have had a problem with the roofs leaking into the units for 8 years after 3 contractors trying to fix our problem we had them all re-roofed but, they leaked again this last winter. We have contracted several new roofers and have been given several options and opnions as to what the last roofer did wrong. We need an expert to give us the right answer and perhaps testify in a case against the last roofer that re-roofed all our roofs. Can you help or refer us to someone please contact me at 708 955 7080

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