Is Ice and Watershield on the Entire Roof a Good Idea?

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Q. I’m going to take off my old roof and put on a metal roof. Would it be overkill or problematic for me to apply ice and water barrier that is self adhesive to my entire roof as my underlayment? I ask because I live on a bluff in the middle of Missouri. It goes from -10 to 110 in the course of a year and, being on a hilltop, I’ve seen rain from every angle. Sometimes I even think it rains upwards — lol. So, waterproofing is a major concern of mine. Currently I have decking that needs replaced after I take off 3 layers of asphalt shingles. I would rather spend the extra now than have to pull up panels later to fix something. Thanks

A. I assume your roof has decent pitch to it — at least 3:12. Ice and watershield on the entire roof would not be the standard course of action and would be considered overkill by some. That said, would there be anything potentially bad about it? The only thing I can think of is if your attic has inadequate ventilation. If that is the case, then ice and watershield would be a bit like sealing it up like a terrarium and that could lead to high moisture levels or even condensation and mold in the attic.

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