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#2 – Maintenance and Cost Control of Metal Roofing

February 20, 2017 | Filed under: Metal Roofing 101 Series, Roof Cost, Roofing Help Videos

We all face it as consumers. Gas prices go up, utility costs go up, grocery costs go up. And usually those things increase at a faster rate than our incomes do. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do to control those costs. However, we can control the costs of maintaining our homes. Home repair expenses always seem to come at the worst time. The air conditioner or furnace stops working. The hot water heater goes on the fritz. Perhaps an unexpected kitchen or bathroom repair … or a new appliance needs to be purchased. Those things never come up when we’re sitting on available to cash to pay for them, do they?

A metal roof, though, follows the theory of “do it once, do it right.” A quality metal roof, properly installed, can be the last roof your home will ever need, and it should be quite maintenance free as well. Many folks who choose metal roofs plan to leave or sell their homes to loved ones, and they see a metal roof as a legacy gift they can pass lovingly along. The cost of roof repair and replacement escalates rapidly. It’s been my observation that those costs double about every ten years, in fact. Many commercial property owners and developers turn to metal roofing as the best way to control their future building maintenance costs. That same philosophy works for homeowners as well.

The cost of living keeps increasing and we can’t stop that. But, we can stop the insanity of choosing temporary roofing materials that require periodic repair and eventual replacement.

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