Partial Roof Damage: Can a New Roof Be Installed in Stages or Sections?

September 15, 2017 | Filed under: Metal Roofing, Roof Repair, Roofing Answers, Roofing Installation

From a homeowner in Texas who experienced only partial roof damage:

Q. I read your post on metal over shingle and just had Hurricane Harvey further degrade my 2000 Comp roof on the west side of the house.

Can I roof the West 1500 square foot with metal?  What would the top crown of a straight front composition roof look like? Have you ever done this? The front has another 10 or so years.

Am I likely to have trouble selling the house that way,  matching the metal later,  or in removing the apex for the front?

Here is my response:

A. I have seen folks roof their homes in stages. If yours is just front and back, that is easier than some more complicated roof shapes.

You will need some sort of lineal ridge that properly closes off both sides of the roof. It likely will need to be custom-formed by the contractor or your metal supplier and will probably need to be replaced entirely when the other side of the roof is done with metal.

Does doing this affect home value? I don’t know that it affects value but, for some folks, it may affect desirability which I guess can affect value.

Of course, my thought is that half of a metal roof is better than no metal roof.

Could matching the roof later be an issue? Yes. I’d encourage you to go to a national manufacturer for the panel rather than a local or regional company. I’d also only use a product with a PVDF (Kynar/Hylar) finish as those have the slowest fade and chalk rates which will help in trying to get the best possible match later.

I would also choose a standard sort of brown or gray color – nothing too “exotic” as the “exotic” colors tend to be subject to fads and trends and can be discontinued from time to time.

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