Roofing Help Podcasts Articles

Choosing A Metal Roof

April 16, 2010

Find out what to look for, and what things to watch out for when choosing a metal roof for your home.

Is My House Appropriate For A Metal Roof

April 2, 2010

You’ve heard about metal roofing, it’s beauty and durability, but is it appropriate for your home? Find out in this podcast.

Overseeing your Metal Roofing Contractor

March 27, 2010

Find out the dos and don’ts when it comes to overseeing your metal roofing contractor.

Ice Dams

February 8, 2010

Ice dams on your roof can be very dangerous. It can lead to leaks, and in time, roof damage. Find out why ice dams occur, and how to prevent ice dams from happening.

Maintaining a Metal Roof

October 26, 2009

Maintaining a Metal Roof Over my years in the metal roofing industry homeowners will frequently contact me after they’ve had their metal roof installed and say “Wow I love it it looks great! What do I need to do in order to maintain it?” Well, I’m glad to say that in most cases there is… ( read more )

Walking On A Metal Roof

October 12, 2009

Walking On A Metal Roof So you’ve had a metal roof installed in your house and you want to know “If I have to go up there to perhaps wash a dormer window, how do I do it?” First of all, I would advise as much as possible if you can stay off your roof…stay… ( read more )