Cold Air Entering Through Vents

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Len from Canada asks:
Q: We have just moved into a new home and the draft coming through the fans in the bathroom and kitchen fan is terrible. I have new vent covers placed on the eaves through, but still the cold air is entering the fan. We get a lot of wind so the air is still being forced through I guess. Was wondering if you had any ideas has to how I could stop the draft as if makes our electricity bill very high in the winter time.

A: I am not sure what sort of vent hood or cover you have on these where they exit through your roof (or wherever they exit) but what you want to have is a dampered vent. The damper opens up so that the forced air from the fan can exit but it does not allow cold air from outside to come back in. With some newer fans, there is also an additional damper down at the fan itself.

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