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Is Increased Attic Ventilation Ever Not A Good Idea?

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A few years ago, some folks had me come to their home to try to evaluate an odd issue they were having after their new roof was installed. They were suddenly getting condensation on the inside of their home’s exterior walls. This condensation was worst behind couches and other items that were located up against […]

Battens or no Battens?

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Greg from Florida recently sent me this question: I am looking to have a metal roof installed over my existing single layer shingle roof. I have had several estimates from companies but the one difference I see is that some companies want to use purlins and others do not. Are there a advantages / disadvantages […]

How To Determine If You Need A New Roof

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I frequently get asked by homeowners for suggestions on how they can determine if this is the year when they need to re-roof their home. That’s a good question and I suspect that, with the tough winter that much of the country has had including lots of ice dams and snow and rain troubles, many […]

Ventless Gas Stoves and Condensation

Filed under: Misc, Roofing Answers

Beverly recently wrote me the following: I saw your e mail address on a net page about metal roof problems. So i’m hoping you can give me a little help. My story, My parents have lived in the same house for 37 years. It has a tin roof with nothing under it . They changed […]

Ridge Ventilation and 2nd Floor Conversions

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A homeowner from Tennessee wrote and asked me: I have ridge vents for a metal roof that I had installed this past year. To prevent wasps and leaves from coming in, the roofer told me he’d put metal screens in the vent. However, a man he sent over put in a black foam that he […]

Snow, Ice Dams, and Metal Roofing

Filed under: Ice Dams and Metal Roofing, Misc, Roofing Answers

I was looking recently at my website statistics and one thing popped up clearly – folks are really searching for information on roof ice dams and also metal roofing as a possible solution to ice damming. This has been a tough winter with snow and ice in areas of the country that do not normally […]

Metal Roofing and Condensation

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Bob wrote and asked me the following: Hello. I was reading about what you said concerning metal roofs. I have one and it sweats when the sun hits it in the morning. Can you help ? I understand the need to reduce moisture from the inside, so I took the boiling pan of water off […]

Hot Attic Increases Energy Costs

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A homeowner from Alabama, recently sent me the following question: I live in southern Alabama in a home that was built in 1992, The inspector while inspecting this summer said my attic was running 150 – 180 degrees and suggested that something be done. Roof is original there are wind vents and soffit vents. There […]

Does A Metal Roof Need To Be On Battens?

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A homeowner by the name of Ed wrote the following to me: Todd, I have removed all the old shingles from the roof boards (not plywood) the roof is in great shape and have installed an ice shield over the roof. Can I install the metal roof over the Ice shield or do I need […]

Impact on a Metal Roof

Filed under: Misc, Roofing Answers

A Michigan homeowner asked: My home is adjacent to two horse chestnut trees. In the fall I hear the nuts falling and rolling off my current dimensional shake roof to the 1st floor roof below. I am considering a standing seam metal roof but wonder if it will look like it endured several hailstorms after […]

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