Gutters and Metal Roofs

August 11, 2009 | Filed under: Misc, Roofing Answers

I was asked the following:
I would like to replace my existing shingled roof with metal.How are gutters attached to maintain the integrity of the metal? Thanx

My Answer:
You will want to use gutters that mount to the fascia board using brackets, rather than gutters that mount to the roof.

2 responses to “Gutters and Metal Roofs”

  1. Bonnie Ochoa says:

    You recently sent me info re metal roofs. A need we have is gutters integral with the roof. We’ve seen these on some commercial buildings and are interested in this combination. Is this possible?

    • Todd Miller says:

      Thank you. Pretty much anything is possible. By “integral,” do you mean built-in to the roof, or just matching the roof? Either is possible. However, “built-in” gutters require some extra attention … chances are the gutter, for one reason or another, will not last as long as the roof … so you want to make sure that there is a way to replace them if necessary without tearing too much into the roof. Happy to consult with you on ways to do that. You can email me at

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