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June 24, 2009 | Filed under: Misc, Roofing Answers, Roofing Installation

Q: I am in the process of looking to replace the roof on my mobile home. Is a metal roof a viable option? The winters can have a large amount of snowfall and the summers can have very strong storms and high temperatures with humidity. The roof is also flat, will that pose a problem? Thanks.

A: There are metal roofs that can be used on very low slope roofs. Ventilation can be an issue with these homes.

I would suggest seeking out a couple of mobile home roof replacement specialists in your area and then doing your due diligence to check out the solutions they suggest.

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  2. Sally says:

    I am looking at a new mobile home that has a metal roof. It has no ventilation in the ends of the roof, however, it has the round roof vents installed on it. How well do these roofs hold up?

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