Metal Roofing Articles

What To Think About When You Buy A New Roof

February 15, 2011

Todd Miller was recently interviewed by the Metal Roofing Alliance and asked what homeowners should consider when buying a new roof…

Snow, Ice Dams, and Metal Roofing

February 3, 2011

I was looking recently at my website statistics and one thing popped up clearly – folks are really searching for information on roof ice dams and also metal roofing as a possible solution to ice damming. This has been a tough winter with snow and ice in areas of the country that do not normally… ( read more )

Is My House Appropriate For A Metal Roof

April 2, 2010

You’ve heard about metal roofing, it’s beauty and durability, but is it appropriate for your home? Find out in this podcast.

Walking On A Metal Roof

October 12, 2009

Walking On A Metal Roof So you’ve had a metal roof installed in your house and you want to know “If I have to go up there to perhaps wash a dormer window, how do I do it?” First of all, I would advise as much as possible if you can stay off your roof…stay… ( read more )

Can a Metal Roof Help Save the Planet – Video

October 7, 2009

Water Leaks

July 31, 2009

any roof system, no matter how well it may have been designed, no matter how well it was installed, has the potential to have a minor water leak. Luckily with a metal roof, it can be remedied pretty easily and quickly. Todd gives you some common things to look for if you have a water leak with your metal roof.