What Drives Me

May 20, 2009 | Filed under: Articles, Misc

We all have things that drive us … those things which we will go to the ends of the earth to accomplish … those things which give us satisfaction and make us feel “real” … those things that we truly believe we are on this earth to do.

For me, that driving force is a desire to use any specialty knowledge I have for the purpose of helping others. That is what I am all about. If my life were only about being a manufacturer, I would have burned out years ago. For me, there has to be something more … something bigger.

That is what has led me to start this website. I want to use my knowledge of metal roofing and ventilation to help others. Metal roofing is the “thing” that I am blessed to have expertise in. I don’t want to keep that to myself. I want to put it to use helping others.

So, whether you’re just considering metal roofing even perhaps you already have a metal roof and just want to know more about it and understand it better, you’re my personal “target market”. You are who I want to help.

So, ask me questions … send me pictures … try to stump me … but feel free to send me a lob now and then too. If I can’t help you (which will undoubtedly be the case from time to time), I promise to direct you to someone who I believe will help you.

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