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Appearance of Color Difference

October 10, 2009

Q: I have a contractor who is installing a snap-lock system roof on my project. He used his roll former to create a “double male” panel which he then installed at the top of the hips on the roof. He did this because he did not feel that he could run his panels up the… ( read more )

Can a Metal Roof Help Save the Planet – Video

October 7, 2009

What To Ask Your Contractor

October 5, 2009

What To Ask Your Contractor As you go through the process of selecting a metal roof for your home, you’re going to be spending a lot of time talking to your contractor. What are the types of things you should ask your contractor? I would make sure first of all, that they have experience with… ( read more )

Why Choose a Metal Roof? – Video

September 30, 2009

Fire Safety

September 28, 2009

Todd Miller talks about fire safety and your roof. You’ll learn some interesting facts about how firemen must react to different types of roofs, and why a metal roof is a great choice.

Garage Ventilation

August 29, 2009

Q: I had my garage roof replaced (attached to the house). They removed my 2 wind turbines and installed 1 ridge roof vent, I have 6 soffit vents on the eaves, But my garage is now extremely hot. They said I no longer needed the turbines with the ridge roof vent. How can I cool… ( read more )