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Buying A New Roof Part 4.2 – Ventilation

August 14, 2013

Todd provides more details on ventilation including special circumstances surrounding cathedral ceilings and cold roofs.

Buying A New Roof Part 4.1 – Ventilation

Re-roofing your home is the time to also consider your ventilation needs. As we make our homes more weathertight, they often need more ventilation. Todd shares insider knowledge on how to address the ventilation needs of your home.

Buying A New Roof Part 3 – Special Circumstances

Todd discusses those unusual things that, if your roof has them, will impact your purchase of a new roof. Low pitch, offset eaves, protrusions, dead valleys, and flared or flying gables are discussed in this informative video.

Buying A New Roof Part 2 – Assessing Your Current Roof

In Part 2 of Buying A New Roof, Todd Miller tells viewers the things they need to look for and understand about their current roof before they begin looking at products and talking to contractors.

Buying A New Roof Part 1 – Choosing Your Criteria

Buying a new roof is not something any of us enjoy doing. However, about 6% of all US homeowners do it each year. This video helps you set your criteria for a new roof so that you don’t end up back in the same situation in a few years. The roofing industry wants to sell you a new roof every few years — break the cycle!

Mansard Roof Solutions

September 22, 2012

Mansard roofs present very unique challenges to property owners and to contractors. Oftentimes a true architectural focus of the building, mansard roofs are near-vertical roofs that cover the top portion of a building. In many cases, a low slope roof covers the building above the mansard. I have found that metal shingles are often a… ( read more )